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Welcome to You are in the biggest online replacement laptop battery store, which have more than 18000 types laptop battery , compatable more than 2000000 laptop models, related 180 top laptop brand. We specialize in replacement laptop batteries for most top brand laptop on the market, Such as Acer laptop battery, Apple laptop battery, Asus laptop battery, Dell laptop battery, HP compaq laptop battery, IBM laptop battery, Sony laptop battery, Toshiba laptop battery, Samsung laptop battery and so on.

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  • FUJITSU Lifebook E554 Laptop BatteryGenuine FUJITSU Lifebook E554 Laptop Battery
    This Lifebook E554 laptop battery is specially designed for FUJITSU Lifebook E554 Laptop
    Li-lion, 72Wh
    Item Name: NFJFPCBP42972WHB6

    $ 68.45


    (Free Shipping In USA.)
  • DELL Inspiron 1358 Laptop BatteryGenuine DELL Inspiron 1358 Laptop Battery
    This Inspiron 1358 laptop battery is specially designed for DELL Inspiron 1358 Laptop
    Li-ion, 4200mAh, 32Wh
    Item Name: NDEOJV6J32WHB4

    $ 63.70


    (Free Shipping In USA.)
  • ASUS Transformer TF201 Laptop BatteryGenuine ASUS Transformer TF201 Laptop Battery
    This Transformer TF201 laptop battery is specially designed for ASUS Transformer TF201 Laptop
    Li-ion, 3380mAh, 25Wh
    Item Name: NAUC21TF201PB4

    $ 60.20


    (Free Shipping In USA.)
  • ASUS p453uj Laptop BatteryGenuine ASUS p453uj Laptop Battery
    This p453uj laptop battery is specially designed for ASUS p453uj Laptop
    Li-ion, 56Wh
    Item Name: NASA32N133156WHB6

    $ 74.14


    (Free Shipping In USA.)
  • ACER R3-131T-C1EW Laptop BatteryGenuine ACER R3-131T-C1EW Laptop Battery
    This R3-131T-C1EW laptop battery is specially designed for ACER R3-131T-C1EW Laptop
    Li-ion, 3220mAh, 48Wh
    Item Name: NAC14B8K46WHB

    $ 53.87


    (Free Shipping In USA.)
  • TOSHIBA Satellite Pro R50-C-12N Laptop BatteryGenuine TOSHIBA Satellite Pro R50-C-12N Laptop Battery
    This Satellite Pro R50-C-12N laptop battery is specially designed for TOSHIBA Satellite Pro R50-C-12N Laptop
    Li-ion, 2800mAh, 45Wh
    Item Name: NTBPA5212U45WHB4

    $ 60.83


    (Free Shipping In USA.)
  • ACER Aspire 5532 Laptop BatteryReplacement ACER Aspire 5532 Laptop Battery
    This Aspire 5532 laptop battery is specially designed for ACER Aspire 5532 Laptop
    Li-ion, 8800mAh
    Item Name: NACAS09A368800B12

    $ 75.30


    (Free Shipping In USA.)
  • 6-87-D90-CS-4E6 BatteryGenuine 6-87-D90-CS-4E6 Battery
    New 6-87-D90-CS-4E6 battery can replace for CLEVO Battery Model: 6-87-D90-CS-4E6
    Li-ion, 6600mAh
    Item Name: NCOD900TS6600B12

    $ 178.06


    (Free Shipping In USA.)

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  2. Check battery appearance and interface.
  3. Test battery charger and recharger function.
  4. Charger battery to 100% and recharger to 0% to get real battery capacity.
  5. Use Ev2300 to check the voltage difference of each goroup cells.
  6. Charger power more than 30%.
  7. Package carefully and send out.

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